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ein preislich interessantes Produkt zum Verändern des Mappings stellt die Firma Speedycom zur Verfügung.
Das Memjet DM2 ist vergleichbar mit dem Powercommander zu einem erheblich günstigeren Preis von 220 Euro.

MEMJET DM PRO 2 - 2 cylinder motorcycles
Using the supplied cable harness the DM Pro is installed downstream from the stock power module and before the throttle body.
In this way the data which is sent from the stock power module can be modified according to necessary requirements.
The DM Pro can in fact, change the fuelling relationship independently to the one which has been set by the motorcycle manufacturer. This is achieved by changing the time interval in which the injectors remain open during the intake stroke.

Very often on all factory motorcycles there are limits and standards which are necessary to guarantee the compliance with emission regulations and to adjust the engine to perform well under any condition.

For this reason the performance can be improved in relation to the pressure and temperature of your actual location. For example, if you are out on a trip down by the sea or on a ride through the mountains.
An add-in such as the DM Pro, is essential should you decide to add to your motorcycle an after market exhaust system and/or a race air filter. Both of these modifications require an optimum carburetion to achieve the best possible performance.
The power module is easily programmed via the USB connection on a computer with a simple and intuitive method. Instead of using the classic table of numerical values which can be found in all commercially available programmable power modules, the DM Pro is programmed by simply creating a 2D carburetion chart.

Featuring a Plug and Play system, the DM Pro is connected to the injectors, the IAT sensor and to the 12v ignition power (this is to avoid a powerless motorcycle absorption effect). The choice of using the IAT sensor is strategic and is necessary to change the anticipation values without giving you concern that it will cause damage to the engine should the settings be either incorrect or too high.

Once you have synchronized a reading of the engine's RPM with the supplied software, you will then be able to create your own personal carburetion mapping by using the arrow cursors on your computer's keyboard.

The program screen is very simple and intuitive showing the relationship between the engine speed (from 0 to 12,000 rpm for the DM Pro and from 0 to 17,000 rpm for the DM Pro 4) and the carburetion scale which by its reference axis can be increased to a maximum of +30 or reduced to a minimum of -10.

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So, jetzt noch in Deutsch!?


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Dafür gibt es google die übersetzt auch ;)

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